After reading today Harold and Clive's opening sequences, I decided to write one for my favorite female contestant: Courtney!

Hope you like it:

This sequence focuses on Courtney's views about the show

Now It's my to shine
This contest will be mine
I'll stand out from the crowd
And make mom and dad feel proud
I'm gonna be famous!

I'll lead my team to victory
Like the heroes of history
This is going to be hard
But I will never give up!
I wanna be famous!

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na!

Nobody can stop me
'cause I'm a CIT!
I wanna be famous!

I'm not going to rest
I shall do my best!
I wanna be famous!

I'm not losing this!
I'm gonna succeed!
I wanna be famous!

If I'm inspired, I'll also write sequences for Noah, Tyler, Izzy and Ezekiel and Heather together.

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