This article focuses on the interaction and relationship between Valerie and Zachary.


Zachary and Valerie initially detested each other, since he was always complaining and she was bossy. The two formed an alliance simply out of necessity to keep themselves safe, and against those they liked even less.

This evolved as it became a physical and more devious relationship. Zachary, inspired by Valerie, has worked to have people like Katie eliminated. The two keep their relationship secret, and it continues to be a deadly one as they continue to make the contest more difficult for the others.


  • The pairing name for these two is Valchary (with deviations, since it's a hard one to make a proper name for).
  • Valerie and a male who is presumably Zachary due to his habit of whining, make a cameo in TKN's Ezzy story "Love ain't easy, it's Ezzy!"