Wawanakwa Island
Camp Wawanakwa is the setting for Total Drama Island and Total Drama Comeback.


In the six months prior to Total Drama Comeback, Wawanakwa Island was turned into a tourist attraction. However, as a result of constant attacks from bears, sharks, and, oddly enough, ninjas, there was very little return business. Nevertheless, it required twisting some strings to rent the island so the mid-season could take place.

During Total Drama Comeback, the island has had several things happen to it, such as being covered in snow and ice.

Tyler has five bucks on a bet that Chris drags the cast back here during Battlegrounds. When asked why only five, the jock replied that if he bet higher, Chris might find out and not return, just to make Tyler lose said bet. They have yet to go there.

Wawanakwa Island is home to many animals, such as Groucho the Duck, Chico the Raccoon, Fuzzy Wuzzums the Bear, and a bunch of other small animals. The lake is home to many aquatic animals as well, such as C'thulu (now deceased) and the sharks.

Wawanakwa is surrounded by smaller islands. Boney Island is the best known.

There is also something that leads serial killers to Wawanakwa, possibly water currents that escaped killers use to get there; two serial killers have already made it to the island (see quotes below).

Gwen once had plans to buy Wawanakwa, just to watch it burn. Thankfully, for all the woodland creatures that lived there, she never did it.

The island is also home to a pack of wolves that nearly kills Ezekiel and Heather.

Notable PlacesEdit

  • Pit of 100Screams - Used for the secondary challenge of Returning Talents - Part 2, this pit is very deep, and leads to a manmade underground cavern.
  • 1000-foot cliff - Used in TDI for the cliff jumping challenge into the lake


"This place sucks!" - Ezekiel, TDC chapter 10.

"Another serial killer has come to this island? Chris, did you put a rent-for-murdering-tenants sale in the classified ads for this place? Idiot!" - Harold, TDC chapter 44.


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