With the Ninjas? is a parody of "In the Navy" by the Village People.


Where can you fight demons

chop and slice and cleavin'

bloody, gory, carnage bliss?

Where can you begin to

learn to kill Cthulhu

and avoid succubi's kiss?

Where can you learn to dodge

fists, bullets and hodgepodge

Haha, they always miss!

Go and pull out their spine

Dare to cross that thin line

Hey, it's good for Chuck Norris!


With the ninjas!

Yes, you can wield the seven blades!

With the ninjas!

Yes, we're more deadly than grenades!

With the ninjas!

Come on now, retail is so bland!

With the ninjas!

So why don't you lend us a hand?

(The sound of a sword slicing, then "OUCH!")

With the ninjas!

Come on, we'll kill a samurai!

With the ninjas!

It's either do or don't or die!

With the ninjas!

Come on, we got ninja pie!

With the ninjas! With the ninjas!


They want you, they want you

Ninja chicks are deadly cute!

If you like to thrill 'em

you'll learn how to kill 'em

with a fork or a scythe!

Because in the shadows

Quiet as the meadows

You've got deadly poisoned knives!

Dragons or a devil

it's all on the level

and the dental care is nice.

You will have the game to

proudly yell your name to

your foe while you take their life!


With the ninjas!

Yes, you can right the civil wrong!

With the ninjas!

Yes, it's better than playing Pong!

With the ninjas!

Come on now, people, ring the gong!

With the ninjas!

Mow them down like you mow your lawn!

With the ninjas!

Come on, protect your honor now!

With the ninjas!

Like saber cat, you will prowl!

With the ninjas!

Because right now, you fight like cow!

With the ninjas! With the ninjas!!

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